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Why lockdown is The perfect time to educate your puppy!

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Over the coming days, weeks and even months, many of us are finding ourselves isolated at home to stay away from the rapidly spreading germs of Covid-19! This is no doubt a very challenging and frustrating time for many of us and thinking up ways to keep you and your families occupied whilst stuck at home is going to take some creativity. For all you dog lovers out there, we have the perfect opportunity in mind for you to keep you busy and also to keep your children entertained doing something productive too!

Already have a puppy?

Do you already have a new puppy in the house or one you have had for a little while now? Maybe your new puppy is soon to arrive, amidst all the Corona Virus chaos? Wondering how you are going to educate your puppy whilst stuck at home for weeks on end. Well, fret no more . . . we have just the solution for you! With many of us working from home and with the kids around to learn the ropes too, this is actually a PERFECT time to welcome home your new puppy and to spend quality time putting in strong foundations with your puppy in and around the home!! Continue reading to find out more!

Considering getting a puppy?

The first few months with a puppy are very full on and hard work and the more time you can spend with your puppy the quicker their education will progress and the sooner you will be putting in place those all important household manners that will set you and your puppy up for lifelong success.

For many people, work restrictions and lack of time at home are a real hurdle in the consideration of getting a puppy and rightly so, but when your puppy is settled in successfully and taught to be happy and content in their own company from day one, they will soon be adaptable and happy to fit into your every day routine of work and play.

With the reality that most of the country is going to be house bound for some time as this terrible virus escalates around us, I propose this is a fantastic opportunity to invest in a puppy if you have been considering it. Through our amazing online training course we can help you to settle your puppy in with ultimate success and from the comfort of your own home you can learn all there is to know to have the confident, well mannered and relaxed family dog that you have always dreamed of.

the commitment of owning a puppy.

This is no doubt a perfect time to be investing in your puppy’s education but you must of course be aware of the commitment it is to take on a puppy before you make such as important life-changing decision. Here are a few things to consider:

  • dog’s are for life, they live for on average 10-12 years sometimes more.
  • they cost money not just to buy but to feed, flea and worm, vaccinate, insure.
  • they need looking after when you are at work either by family members or by paying a dog walker. As puppy’s they would need two half hour visit per day which can be reduced to one as they are 9months to a year old.
  • they need caring for if you can’t take them on holiday with you.
  • their education in the first few months and year of their life’s absolutely vital for setting them up for success, we can certainly give you all the tools you need to do this well but you have to spend the time with them practicing and teaching them.

It is absolutely heart breaking to hear of so many puppy’s at 1-2 years old that are re-homed and sometimes even euthanised due to undesirable behaviours. These cases can so easily be avoided if owners have the right support and education from day one which is where we come in.

How do i involve the children?

You may think the whole puppy training thing is for adults and not for children and that they will end up undoing all the good work you have done. On the contrary, we have an opportunity for you that will have your kids being involved successfully from day 1 so they can be a massive help not a hindrance.

Use this time to educate your children as well as your puppy so they can live and grow together. Our online tutorials are filmed in real time with our puppy Albert in an every day family environment. We show you how to involve the children and how they can be a massive part of the puppy’s education so they can stay safe and have lots of fun with your puppy.

Settle Your Puppy in 24 Hours

Take advantage of our FREE Settle your Puppy in 24 Hours Lesson where you will learn how to get off to a fantastic start with your puppy and give you a little taster of our Welcome Home Puppy Course. It’s so easy to sign up today with no strings attached, click the button to find out more and sign up today.

Welcome Home puppy

Our amazing Welcome Home Puppy course is designed as a complete course to walk you through step by step everything you will need to know for successfully settling in your puppy. Through our fun easy to follow video tutorials you and your children will learn about all aspects of your puppy’s education and by the end of the course you will know how to:

  • have your puppy toileting successfully outside.
  • deal effectively with play biting and chewing.
  • have polite, household markers at all times.
  • keep your children safe so they can have lots of fun with your puppy.
  • have your puppy settled and relaxed in their own company from day one and happy to be left alone.
  • socialise your puppy well is they can be confident in all situations.
  • have your puppy walking beautifully on a loose lead.
  • teach all the important every day commands that will be essential for fantastic communication between you and your puppy including, sit, stay, wait, come, drop it, leave, stop and more.
  • have your puppy running freely off lead at 12 weeks of age with a recall that will not fail.
  • have the relaxed, well behaved, well-mannered and confident family dog you have always dreamed of.

Sound too good to be true? Check out out promo video here to find out more and enrol today! We would love to help you on this exciting journey with your new puppy!

For the duration of the Corona Virus Outbreak receive 20% off our WELCOME HOME PUPPY course by entering the code: HAPPYHOUNDS20 on the checkout page!

What do I need to buy for my new Puppy?

Cost is of course a huge consideration when getting a puppy as already mentioned. It is so easy to walk into the pet shop and spend nothing short of a fortune and come away with everything, half of which you will not even need. To save you time and money, we have compiled a list of 10 essential products you will absolutely need for your puppy but no more. So take a look at our Top Ten 10 Essential Products you will need to settle in your puppy with success. Our Welcome Home Puppy Course then walks you through how to use each one of them correctly to set you up for ultimate success and to ensure everything goes smoothly.


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