We're Moving!

Hi there,

First of all, thank you for being a student of Happy Hounds for Life and our dog training courses. We truly appreciate you and love being a part of your dogs journeys.

In an effort to simplify and enable us to continuously improve, we are migrating our courses to Thrivecart Learn. Thrivecart has been our checkout system for some time and now they have released their learning management system (LMS) it makes complete sense for us to have everything in one place so it’s easier for us to manage and it gives a smoother user experience for you.

There may be a few hiccups as we transition all of your courses over and ensure you have access to everything you are enrolled in so please bear with us.

Important Information

Frequently asked Questions

Here are a few important things to note as we go through the transition.

  • You’ll receive a new access email for every course you have purchased or enrolled on.
  • Please do not mark these access emails as spam, even though they may look the same and appear to be duplicates.
  • There may be a few hiccups as we transition everybody but we aim to make it as easy and painless as possible so please give us some grace while we transition.


If you have any additional questions, please email our support using the email below.

Yes! We will keep our Teachable School active so you’ll have access both in the Thivecart Learn Platform and on Teachable to all your products. Please note, any product updates or new purchases will only be on the Learn System.

No! If you purchased a product, we’ll move it over automatically for you to ThriveCart Learn.

Sure, you can still access your products there and complete any courses you are taking. But any new purchases or updates will be done in ThriveCart Learn.

We’ve been using ThriveCart as our checkout sytem for some time now and love it. When they released the Learn System for hosting courses it just made sense for us to have everything in one place and makes everything work together much more cleanly and smoothly.

How to login to ThriveCart Learn

Please access your courses from the access emails that will be sent out this week. Once you have an account on ThriveCart Learn, you can login here.