Welcome Home Puppy Course

Giving you everything you need to settle your puppy in with ultimate success to a relaxed family life.

Welcome to Happy Hounds for Life

New puppy driving you crazy? Biting? Chewing? Can’t turn your back for more than a minute or something else gets destroyed?

Working from home and can’t get on because your puppy whines when left alone for even just a short time?

Or perhaps your new puppy is soon to arrive and you’ve no idea where to start with teaching them the good manners and obedient behaviours you so long to see?

If this is you . . . you have come to the right place!

Learn all you need to know to successfully settle in your puppy and get off to an amazing start with your four legged friend so you can have the well-behaved, confident, relaxed and well-mannered family pet you have always dreamed of!

Do you want your puppy To . . .

  • be sleeping through the night and toileting outside by day 4?
  • be calm and relaxed around your children or friends?
  • be happy to be left alone when you need to work?
  • have lots of fun off-lead knowing they will always come back to you?
  • be bold and confident in all new situations?
  • be a well-mannered, well-behaved, relaxed and confident member of the family?
With our Welcome Home Puppy Course, you will learn all you need to know to make all of the above a reality, so you can have a Happy Hound for Life.

See what the course is all about!

This course is perfect for you if . . .

You are getting a new puppy soon.
You already have your new puppy. 
You’ve had your puppy a while and it has not quite gone to plan and you are facing some challenging behaviours. 
It is never too late to go back to basics. 

Hear what our Students are saying . . .

Meet Bella.

"We have loved working through the Welcome Home Puppy Course. We wouldn't of known where to start without it. Bella settled in SO quickly. She loves her crate, is confident with children and other animals and is now enjoying being off the lead with an amazing recall."
- Johnny & Nilu.

Meet Boris.

"Boris is just a pleasure to be around, so relaxed, calm and polite. He has settled into life with us so well. He is well-mannered, obedient and we literally recommend this course to everyone we meet because it has been so amazing. So easy to work through and such awesome content."
- Tim & Ellie.

Meet kali.

"We have seen AMAZING results with Kali. She is a superstar and thanks to Happy Hounds for Life she was toilet trained & crate trained by 8 weeks. She has loved doing all the basic training & is really good at all her basic commands. We cannot fault her or the course."
- Louise & daughter Rosie.

Whats included in Welcome Home Puppy?

  • 40+ realtime video tutorials showing you everything taught to our puppies first hand.
  • a super easy to navigate course platform to have at your fingertips.
  • work through the lessons from the comfort of your home at a time to suit.
  • ALL the hot topics of puppy training covered.
  • we also show you how to involve your children in the training too.
By the end of the course your puppy will be the envy of your friends and family as they will be so well-mannered, calm, well-behaved and confident. 

Our students are just AMAZED at how well this positive training works!
Enroll Today!

The Welcome Home Puppy Course covers ALL aspects of training your puppy form 8 weeks old to adulthood so you can have the well-mannered, obedient and confident family dog you have always dreamed of.

With the course today you will get a special BONUS of our PUPPY COURSE HANDBOOK thrown in for FREE.

It has a roadmap of your puppy’s training, course check sheets and toilet training tracker as well as some handy printables of tasty homemade treat recipes, socialisation checklist and much more!

The course handbook contains:

  • a roadmap of how to work through the content in the courses.
  • a course checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything important.
  • a handy toileting tracker sheet.
  • easy homemade puppy treat recipes.

and much more . . . 


Who is Behind the scenes at happy Hounds for Life?

Louise has over 25 years experience in the veterinary sector with qualifications in canine behaviour and expertise in training assistance dogs. Our immense frustration at the sheer number of dogs being re-homed each year due to undesirable behaviours that could be so easily avoided with the right training has given us the drive to create our Welcome Home Puppy Course. We wanted to provide something that is family friendly, accessible, affordable and with all the information in one place to give you and your puppy the very best start in life.

Rachel and family are seen in many or our training videos. Rachel holds the creative vision and technical expertise behind the scenes to bring to you Happy Hounds for Life, our fun, family friendly online dog training platform for dog owners around the world. Our two families love running this together as we all share the passion for making the world a better place for dogs.

The course is packed full of useful video tutorials but laid out in a way that is SO easy to follow and work through. Have a look below at what is included!

The course curriculum!

Copy of Course Curriculum 5