Top Ten Essential Products to Settle in your Puppy with Success!

bringing your puppy home

Preparing to bring your new puppy home for the first time is the most exciting time. A new member of the family to love and care for. Dreaming of all the adventures you are going to have together? There is so much to look forward to yet it can be a bit over overwhelming walking into the pet shop and being faced with so many products and opinions yet it can take hours of time shopping around to get the best deals especially if you don’t really know what you are looking for. No one wants to spend a fortune on things they don’t need. Thats where we can help! Happy Hounds for Life have done all the hard work for you giving you a complete list of EVERYTHING you need to get started with your puppy and spending no more than you need to. Everything on this list you will use time and time again with your puppy.

why do people struggle with their new puppy?

There are many, many stories where people run into problems with their new puppy either straight away or even months down the line. Many puppies end up in rescue centres sometimes even getting euthanised before the age of 3 due to undesirable behaviours. Perhaps people don’t have the right tools to help them or the right guidance with training their new puppy. They don’t know how to stop the undesirable behaviours such as play biting, furniture chewing etc or how to encourage the desired behaviours such as being settled on their own and calm and relaxed when visitors come round or being gentle with children. There is no doubt about it all puppies need loving guidance and teaching what is acceptable and what is not. When they are understood and taught in a positive way you will have a puppy that is relaxed, settled, obedient and responsive and ready to be part of your families every day life. At Happy Hounds for Life we believe any puppy can be integrated into family life with huge success if the right foundations are put in place. Thats why we have created WELCOME HOME PUPPY (link coming soon), our course to guide you through bringing your puppy home for the first time and helping you every step of the way with settling in your new puppy so you too can have the well behaved family dog you have always dreamed of.

Preparing your home!

Before you bring your puppy home there are a few things you need to do to prepare your home for the new arrival. Puppies are a bit like toddlers, they are into everything and do not know what is OK and what is not yet. Its so important to do all you can to set your puppy up for success. Here is what you should do before bringing them home:

  1. Remove small items and objects at floor level, anything that looks like it may be a temptation to chew, shoes, kids toys, wires any other hazards.
  2. Consider a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs or anywhere that would help contain your puppy to a designated area where you would like them to be.
  3. Check all fencing in the garden is secure with no small gaps. 8 week old puppies can squeeze through tiny gaps. If needs be run a length of chicken wire round the bottom of any trellis or unsolid fencing.
  4. Remove any hazardous objects from the garden.

the best 10 products for settling in your puppy!

We’ve all been there, a visit to the pet shop and all sorts of things jump into the trolley! With their clever marketing, bright colours and variety, it’s no wonder people come back having spent up and with a whole host of equipment and gadgets they don’t even need or end up using.

We have done the hard work for you giving you this complete list of products that will help you settle in your puppy.

Download your checklist HERE! (link coming soon).

You can also sign up to our WELCOME HOME PUPPY COURSE demonstrating with our puppy Albert how to use each individual item in pack to help with hugely important topics such as toilet training, crate training, mouthing and separation giving you everything you need to settle your puppy into their new home with huge success.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

1.Crate & Bed

A crate is THE most important accessory you will need for your puppy and one that your puppy will absolutely LOVE! It is vital that the bed in the crate covers the entire base of the crate so the puppy does not see it as a toilet area. This particular crate is great value with 2 X doors, a carrying handle and a comfy bed to fit the crate perfectly and also comes with 2 free Lindt rollers!!

Available in 4 different sizes. Be sure to get the right size so it will last until your puppy is fully grown to save you money on needing to replace it as your puppy grows!

This great value 2 door dog crate comes in 5 sizes, with bed to fit the crate and easy to carry handle.

2.Food & Water bowls

Our favourite Beco food and water bowls. Made from Bamboo in a lovely range of colours. They are non slip rubber base to remove movement when eating. High quality, durable and dishwasher safe.

3.Puppy Kong

Every puppy needs a KONG! This will be invaluable in your puppy’s training and encourages positive behaviours also helps with mouthing. Choose from pink or blue!

We recommend having a few kongs for variety and also have one stuffed and frozen in the freezer ready to be used. Here is another one of our favourites!

Here is another bone shaped kong, for hours of entertainment for your puppy!

4.Kong Wild Knots Bear

Keep your puppy entertained for hours with this Kong Wild Knots Bears. They are durable, robust and high quality and a toy your puppy will love and play with time and time again.

5.Collar & Lead

Choosing a collar and lead is such a personal choice but here are 3 fantastic ranges that come in a range of colour and pattern options and will be great to get you started with your new puppy.

Didog – a fantastic colour range of soft, padded, leather custom collars. Check out here!

Perhaps you want your puppy looking smart and sophisticated, here are a lovely range of collars and leads that do just that!

We love this super soft and stylish Lionet range of collars and leads that come with optional bow in a great selection of colours and patterns to suit your puppy.

6. Puppy Fresh Spray

It is so tempting to bath your new puppy but it is not recommended to do so too often as it strips essential oils from their skin.

Here is an amazing deodorising puppy spray that will leave your puppy smelling beautifully fresh.

7. G9 Low Ammonia cleaner

A disinfectant spray such as G9 that is low in ammonia, normally can only be purchased from your veterinary practice. This product is SO important for removing all traces of urine to prevent your puppy re-soiling over affected areas and beats all other house hold cleaners.

8.Poo Bags and Dispenser

These fantastic degradable poo bags are better for the blue planet and come with a clip on poo bag dispenser.

Beco poo bag dispenser with non slip bungee strap and comes in 4 different colours.

Biodegradable Beco poo bags refills to get you started.

9.Treat Pouch

A treat pouch is essential for all the training that lies ahead. One that clips on your jeans is perfect so you can have a ready supply of treats on you at all times for encouraging good positive behaviours.

These Coaches treat pouches are great value and come in black or pink.

10.Puppy Treats

Lots of high value treats on hand such as fresh chicken, cheese, hotdogs or homemade treats like Liver Cake or Tuna Cake are a must. Its always handy to have a supply of these puppy treats in stock to add variety to the training too. There are many on the market but choose some that are relatively low in additives so they are gentle on your puppy. Also have things like pate, cheese spread or peanut butter on hand for stuffing in the kong.

These puppy coachies are handy to have in addition to your fresh training treats mentioned above.

This tasty Kong easy fill tube is fantastic to squeeze into your kong if you are in a rush or have nothing to hand to stuff it with.

Additional Products that your puppy will love:

Nyla Bones

Fantastic puppy starter kit of Nyla bones, indestructible. Hours of entertainment whilst satisfying the need to chew and gentle on their teeth.

Time to get started!

Now you should have all you need to get off to a good start when you bring your puppy home for the first time and without having spent extra on things you don’t even need.

Common Questions about settling in your puppy!

There are many problems people come across time and time again when bringing a new puppy home. Many of them come under 3 main topics; toilet training, mouthing (play biting) and being happy on their own. In our Welcome Home Puppy course we address all of these key issues and show you how to use these must have products well to settle in your puppy successfully. As a result you too can have a puppy that is toileting outside on day one, is super happy and content to be left alone in the crate without getting up to mischief when your back is turned and is also well mannered, responsive and ready to learn.

Here are some commonly answered questions and how the recommended products can help you:

  1. How soon will my puppy be toilet trained? With the correct use of the crate demonstrated in our fantastic Welcome Home Puppy Course your puppy will be going to the toilet outside on day 1 with only very occasional accidents in the house.
  2. How do I stop my puppy getting up to mischief when I am busy? The combination of the kong and the crate are invaluable for keeping your puppy entertained and safe when you are unable to supervise.
  3. How do I stop my puppy whining at night? When the crate is introduced correctly and positively as outlined in Welcome Home Puppy, your puppy will LOVE the crate and you will have no problems with your puppy whining from day one.

To learn more about how to positively associate the crate so your puppy can be happy and relaxed in their own company in the first 24 hours with you and your family, you can sign up for our FREE Settle Your Puppy in 24 Hours Lesson below! We would love to share it with you!

Summary of all you Need to Know about settling in your puppy.

  • Preparation is key before your puppy arrives have your home ready and puppy proof.
  • Have all the essential products recommended in this post ready to go so you can start day one with huge success.
  • Have plenty of yummy treats on hand as you will need LOTS. High value treats such as chicken, hot dogs, cheese and homemade tuna or liver cake are fantastic to keep your puppies attention.
  • Set your puppy up to succeed by signing up to our WELCOME HOME PUPPY COURSE to learn how to use all the recommended products and how to get off to an awesome start with toilet training, crate training, mouthing and child safety.
  • Are you feeling more prepared to welcome home your new puppy?

Enjoy every minute of this new adventure with your puppy! We look forward to hearing your success stories and seeing some lovely pictures of course!


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