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This lesson is simply INVALUABLE! It shows you step by step how to positively introduce the crate for the first time, so your puppy will be happy and relaxed in their own company and soon sleeping through the night for 8-10 hours.

We walk you through all the items you will need to get started with your new puppy  so you will be well on the way to settling them in with huge success and without spending a fortune on lots of things you don’t even need.

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You are in the right place!! It is never too late to go back to basics and we can most definitely help you today! 

Here what our students are saying

I found this lesson really easy for me and my puppy to learn and put into practice and within no time at all he was completely settled and happy in his crate.

Rob Owner of Morse

Misty absolutely loved her crate from day one all thanks to this lesson. It shows you exactly what to do and how to make it a really safe and happy place for them.

Louise Owner of Misty

This lesson was just so useful in showing us how to introduce the crate to our puppy Bella. She was happy and settled in there really quickly and really loves her crate.

Johnny & Nilu Owner of Bella

This is a game changer! There is a wealth of useful information in this lesson that is totally life changing for you and your puppy and its currently completely FREE! Don’t miss out!! 

Who are Happy Hounds for Life?

We create educational online dog training videos filmed in real time in a real family environments so you can see first hand how to raise your puppy and train your dogs. All our online courses and lessons are fun, easy to follow and super easy to replicate at home.

We want to help you get the very best out of your dog so you can have the well-mannered, well-behaved happy and confident family dog you have always hoped for. By putting the right foundations in from day one, many troublesome behavioural problems can be avoided down the line.

Behind the scenes at happy Hounds for Life!

Meet Louise –  with over 25 years experience in the veterinary sector with qualifications in canine behaviour and expertise in training assistance dogs, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you so you too can give your puppy the very best start in life

Meet Rachel and family are seen in many or our training videos. Rachel holds the creative vision and technical expertise behind the scenes in filming, editing and course creation to handcrafted our fun and unique online dog training platform for dog owners around the world. 

Our two families love running Happy Hounds for Life together as we all share the passion for making the world a better place for dogs by bringing family friendly, accessible and affordable training that works to your living room.

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