Separation Anxiety?

We can help you prevent it from progressing and overcome it completely.

The struggle is real and heartbreaking

So many dogs have struggled with separation anxiety since the Covid pandemic. Dogs have become so used to owners working from home and being around all the time that they are now struggling to cope in their absence.

what are the common signs of separation anxiety?
No matter how mild or severe, if your dog is showing any of these symptoms then this needs attention today

If measures are not put in place, the symptoms can progress very quickly and it can be heartbreaking to see. If your dogs symptoms are already quite severe we can also help you today.

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Through the Covid pandemic the number of dogs struggling with separation anxiety has been HUGE so we have created everything you need to prevent it from happening in the first place but also to treat it from the inside out if it has become established. We believe every dog should be a Stress Free Happy Hound and we can help you achieve that right here today.

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