Meet Albert

Albert belongs to Louise and her girls Hattie and Elsie and is the latest addition to Happy Hounds for Life. He was born in the spring 2019 and is a Bedlington Cross Whippet although he has definitely taken on more of the whippet. He is full of energy, loves to be around the children and other dogs. He is the star of the show when it comes to our training videos as what better way to demonstrate than with a real life puppy who is new to everything too. Due to Louise’s delayed house move, he spent his first 3 weeks staying with Rachel and family where a lot of our filming and documenting of his early training has taken place.

Here is Albert with Louise, Hattie and Elsie at 4 months old.
(Photo credit: Tom J Bell Photography)

Meet Isis

(Photo credit: Tom J Bell Photography)

Isis is a 8 year old Labrador from working stock. She is very beautiful and a much loved family pet. She is mum to Fawn below and they love life together. She joined the family at 8 weeks old when Olivia our eldest daughter was only 6months old. She is loyal, faithful, gentle and a pleasure to be part of our family.

Meet Fawn


Fawn is daughter of Isis and is now 4. A very beautiful example of a working Labrador and a much loved family pet. Fawn loves to play fetch and will happily play with children of all ages all day long. When our children stop playing fetch with her she now drops her toys through the fence in hope that the neighbours will play with her instead.

Isis and Fawn with Rachel, Nick and their girls Rosanna (left) and Olivia (right).
Photo credit: Tom J Bell Photography

Fawn and Isis belong to Rachel, Nick and the girls and have been fundamental in the forming of Happy Hounds for Life. They have been a pleasure to train and are a true example of what a family pet should be like.