Veterinary Practices

Transform your puppy client journey by becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice today.

Become an accredited Puppy Friendly Practice.

the Puppy Friendly Practice scheme:
equips veterinary practices to provide a unique standard of excellence throughout all stages of the puppy client journey by empowering staff and educating owners.

Becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice will enable your practice to:

Why Become A Puppy Friendly Practice?

The Benefits of Becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice for:

Your Practice

 Stand out from all your competitors and be proud of the outstanding service you will provide to puppy owners.

 Increase client loyalty and overall practice revenue from the sale of puppy consumables and sign ups to preventative health care plans. 

Increase employer desirability due to every staff member being able to focus on their specific roles improving staff retention.

Your Staff

All staff will be provided with online CPD training to deliver the Perfect Puppy Experience and will feel motivated and empowered to make a difference to the lives of puppies.

Job satisfaction will be improved as staff will feel empowered to play their specific role in delivering the Perfect Puppy Experience which will positively impact staff retention as it is a place they will feel passionate, valued and able to make a tangible difference.

Your Clients

All puppy owners will receive the Perfect Puppy Experience in practice from day one with their new puppy and be given everything they need for ultimate success. 

They will be equipped with valuable, life-changing online puppy training videos that will give them real life, amazing results with their puppies.

They will feel valued, listened to and supported and become long term loyal clients due to the positive experience they have had with their puppy.

Learn More About Puppy Friendly Practice!

To learn more about becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice and how it all works. Please register your interest and we will send you more information.

Brilliant CPD COURSE Out Now!

For all RVNs, animal care assistants and front of house staff dealing with puppies on a daily basis this course is definitely for you! Equipping all veterinary staff roles to provide the Perfect Puppy Experience to puppy clients.

A perfect taster of what Puppy Friendly Practice is all about AND get the course fee deducted off your practice membership if you go on to join!

Why Choose Us?

Revolutionise your practice today by joining us. The service we can offer both your staff and clients is outstanding and will transform the lives of dogs in your care. 


The concept creates a long-term lasting relationship between you and your client, making them ever grateful for the support they receive positively affecting your bottom line.


Clients will talk highly of your practice, leaving your staff feeling proud of the service provided, aiding in increasing staff retention and attracting new staff to your practice.

Increase Revenue

Both with Puppy Pack sales and increase in sign ups to the practice loyalty program.

Empower Staff

With our staff training element, front-of-house staff and RVN’s will feel empowered and equipped to provide new puppy owners with all the invaluable information that they need for success.

Lighten the Load

We recognise the pressure vets of today are under. By partnering with us to provide amazing behavioural support, your veterinary staff are freed up to focus on providing excellent clinical care.