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Welcome Home Your PUPPY Today!

At Happy Hounds for life we are passionate about helping you settle in your puppy with ultimate success so they can grow up to be a calm, relaxed, confident and well-mannered member of the family and yours for life.

Settle Your Puppy in 24 hours

FREE lesson to settle in your puppy with ultimate success so they can be calm and relaxed from day one.

Successful Toileting Mini Course

A taster module from the Welcome Home Puppy Course if you just want help with the area so many people struggle with.

Puppy that Sleeps Challenge

A 5 day challenge to teach your puppy to sleep through the night and establish a life saving day and night time routine.

Welcome Home Puppy Course

 Covers EVERY aspect of your puppy’s training so you can have a calm, relaxed, confident and well-mannered family dog.

Is Your Dog Stressed Or Anxious?

Are they struggling to cope when you are not around and acting stressed, worried or anxious? Perhaps they are barking excessively, soiling in the house or destroying the home? 

So many people are facing the same struggles at the moment and are at their wits end with these heart breaking behaviours. Over the past few years, dogs have become so used to their owners being around them all the time that they can no longer cope alone.

We can help Today with the solution you have been waiting for!
Free Happy Alone Lesson

Learn how to take the first steps towards teaching your anxious dog to be happy alone today.

Stress Free Happy Hound

Everything you need to know about dealing with Separation Anxiety so your dog can be calm and relaxed.