About Us

Helping everyday families get phenomenal results with their dogs. 

What we are about

Making the world a happier place for all dogs. Every dog deserves to be a Happy Hound for Life and everyone gets to play, kids included. Join us on this exciting journey today to see what it’s all about.

Who We are

Rachel and Louise created Happy Hounds for Life, our transformational online training platform. It begun in 2019 when we bought the cameras behind the scenes, into our homes so you can see first hand in real life what raising a puppy is really like.

When equipped with the right tools and life-changing advice from day one so many undesirable behaviours and problems can be avoided and you will naturally raise a confident, happy and well-mannered family dog.

How we are Growing

Although prevention is always best, we are now incorporating other aspects of dog training and trouble shooting specific issues like separation anxiety as we help hundreds of dog owners on the journey to being a Stress Free Happy Hound for Life.

We are now partnering with veterinary practices and canine rehoming charities around the world to support dog owners to be the best they can be so everyone can have a Happy Hound for Life with our simple, easy to follow online training.

Our Roles in the Team

Rachel and Louise are fantastic friends and so are their children. They work closely together to run Happy Hounds for Life and give it the authentic, nurturing, yet professional family feel it is so well known for. 

Rachel Cook
Dog Trainer & Course Creator

Rachel is the technical expertise behind the scenes from filming and editing to website design and course creation as well as being hands on in training the dogs day to day too.

Louise Jackson
Dog Trainer

Louise comes from a background in the veterinary industry and training dogs for people with disabilities. She is the driving force behind making the world a happier place for all dogs and reaching far and wide to do that.

Our Dogs

We have always wanted to be authentic and film in real life situations so you can see first hand, what to expect and exactly how to replicate our training at home.

Most of our filming is done with our family dogs Fawn, Isis, Albert and Bernard. Our team of Happy Hounds dogs keeps on growing as Fawn has had 2 litters of puppies. Have a browse below to meet some of our filming stars. The youngest pups Morse, Bernard and Misty will gradually be appearing in new content that is released this year.


Bedlington Whippet. 3 Years Old. The star of the puppy courses.

Albert is very athletic, loves to run and run and be referee when the puppies are playing together.


Rachel’s 9 Year old Labrador and mum of Fawn. 

Despite getting older Isis is still very sprightly and loves to race Fawn in a game of fetch.


Rachel’s 6 year old Labrador, daughter of Isis but Mum of Kali and our latest litter of Labrador Lurcher Pups.

Loves to play fetch ALL the time!


Fawn’s singleton puppy born in lockdown 2020. She features in lots of our puppy training videos. 

She recently been joined by Misty one of Fawns’ latest Labrador Lurcher puppies.


Louise’s new puppy joined the family in January 2022. He is Albert’s nephew and one of Fawn’s Labrador lurcher puppies.

He is cute, funny and certainly not as fast as Albert but a lovely addition to the team. Watch out for more of Bernie Boy this year!


One of Fawn’s fabulous 2021 puppies. He  comes to Rachel’s house every week day for doggy day care.

He is an exciting new addition to the Happy Hounds team and will be appearing on new footage released later in the year.


Another of Fawn’s 2021 puppies. The only girl in the litter. Lives with Kali and is like a little super rocket.

Misty is lots of fun, a lovely personality. She loves to play and is very zoomy.


Rachel’s brothers beautiful dog who features in some of our training videos.

He is a big softy, a little bit clumsy and soon to become a big brother to their first baby.