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  • teach your puppy to be happy in their own company from day one.
  • learn the key to a happy, relaxed and settled puppy.

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About Us

we want to help you make your puppy a happy hound for life!

Happy Hounds for Life is run by Rachel (right) and Louise (left). Our two families and 3 dogs play a key part in all our training videos. 

We are passionate about helping you settle in your puppy with huge success from day one, addressing many of the challenges puppy owners face along the way. 

Demonstrating in real time, simple and easy to follow techniques that you can replicate as a family, with the children to create the well behaved, well mannered, confident and relaxed family dog that you have always dreamed of. 

We're Here To Help You

Do you want your puppy to . . .

Have good manners in the home?

So everyone can stay safe and enjoy the puppy’s company without being bitten or mouthed continuously.

be Happy in their own company,?

So you can relax knowing that they are settled and not going to destroy your home when they are unsupervised.

know all the every day commands

So you can communicate efficiently with a puppy who is obedient, self-controlled and willing to please.

have a bombproof recall?

So your puppy can run freely off lead as early as 12 weeks old and you can be confident they will always return to.

Walk beautifully on the lead?

So you can all enjoy lots of fun, relaxing walks without the stress of your puppy pulling on the lead.

Play nicely and gently?

With you and your children, respecting personal space and bringing the toy back every time so everyone can have lots of fun. 

Our Signature Welcome Home Puppy Course is just for you today!

  • easy to use online course from the comfort of your own home.
  • learn everything you need to have a happy, relaxed and well behaved family dog. 
  • fun, easy to follow, video tutorials guiding you step by step through all the content and demonstrated in real time with our puppy in a genuine family environment.
  • covering everything from toilet training, chewing, mouthing, good manners in the home, all the important every day commands, bombproof recall, loose lead walking, socialising, keeping your children safe so they can have lots of fun with your puppy too and so much more.
  • packed full of amazing content and all our secrets to help you get the absolute best out of your puppy so they can be a happy hound for life!